1.1 Home is where the start is

Yup that’s right Minty decided to start an ISBI. This is probably going to be the biggest fail ever but it doesn’t hurt to try ^_^

Anyway our founder is the youngest daughter of Citrus and Jasmine Frosting. I changed her name round cuz I felt like it XD She was born with Eccentric and Loves the outdoors trait. I gave her the Insane trait and she randomly rolled the Evil and Genius traits.

Only you could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like a supermodel…

Daffy: U jelly of how I eat sandwich’s?


Daffy: U Jelly cuz I can eat like a supermodel and you can’t!

I left her alone to eat her sandwich before following her outside where I found her standing next to dustbin.

Hey Daffy whatcha doing?

Daffy: Telling this bin a dairty joke! 🙂

Am I supposed to laugh?

Daffy: No…it wasn’t even meant to be funny…

I quickly found out why it wasn’t funny…

Daffy: Die dustbin! Die!

Daffy: Help me floatin’ bubble I iz stuck!

*sigh* She wasn’t even stuck. I tried to get her to go the simselves house and she freaked out. I was worried she was kinda stuck like that so I tried making her go to another house and it worked.

I decided on sending her somewhere near to the house to see if that would work.

Daffy: You saved me! I promise to steal from you first when I join the criminal career!

Taxi woman: *no comment*

When Daffy finally arrived she seem kinda ticked off.

Daffy: You almost ran over meh foot! Do you not see it on the pavement in all of it’s foot-like glory?!

No…no she doesn’t.

Well of course the simselves would live here! It’s blue and it matches Minty’s blue nyan cat shirt.

Oh hai me!

She looks kinda annoyed or is that just me?

WTF? Seriously Daffy do you have like a harry potter style charm on you or something?

Daffy: Blue flamingos… :3

I got bored of Daffy complaining about not being able to get within 10 feet of that house so I sent her off to the park.

Guess the taxi woman didn’t really appreciate Daffy yelling at her.

Shortly after arriving at the park I decided to have a look around and see who was about. The first person I came across was Tonks.

Hai Tonks!

Tonks: Hai! 😀

I then proceded to find these two.

And that girls mother.

Hey random over-protective mommy whatcha doing?

Random over-protective mommy: Snooping on my daughter. I think I’m blending in very well.

You just keep on believing that, love…

I wonder who Daffy has her eye on?

LOL. Seriously? You can do so much better than that Daffy.

Daffy: But he has already stolen my heart! 😦

Why have you gotten your phone out?

Daffy: You told I can do so much better. So I am ringing ‘I can do so much better’


The mystery man that Daffy rang up was none other than Pummello (If any of you read Berry’s ‘Splash of colour’ rainbowcy then you will recognise him from generation 3 of that).

Daffy: Hey Pummy do you want to come and see my sparkly house?


Well actually you’ve met like once before…just saying.

It was all going well until I noticed that she canceled the action.

What could be more important than talking to your potential mate?

Ice cream…

Daffy: Do you like my friend? He’s Mr. ChoccoPop.

Nice to meet you Mr. ChoccoPop…

After Mr. Chocco was eaten Daffy calmly made her way across to Tonks who hadn’t moved since I last saw her.

Daffy: *innapropriate stare out*

Everything appeared to be going well until Daffy pointed a finger at Tonks and started insulting her.

Daffy: I do not like you. You are not colourful…you are plain and boring!

Y U NO LIKE TONKS?! You were gonna be friends and you’ve ruined it!

I feel sorry for Tonks. There she was enjoying a peaceful afternoon and Daffy comes and ruins it for her. Cheers Daff!

The next victim was poor old Minty herself. Daffy ran straight towards the bistro after insulting Tonks with only one thing on her mind…ruining my day.

Daffy: Nyan cat is so stupid! Why would someone wear it on their shirt?!

If it’s so stupid then why do watch it Daffy?

Daffy: Go away I am making ‘winning’ insults

I like the way Daffy just laughs at others insults.

Do you want any friends?

Daffy: Friendship is for losers and crazy old cat ladies

Nothing really ominous and villain-like about that building now is there?

Why the hell are you in your athletic wear?!

Daffy: I thought they might like to see me have a good workout

After getting hired as a decoy I sent Daffy to the gym to improve her athletic skill.

Sweetie, I don’t think you’re doing it right…

Daffy: I am doing it right. I’m just testing out the sides that’s all

That’s it Daffy feel the burn!

Daffy: I’m feelin’ it! I’m feelin’ it!

Ohh so close…

After becoming satisfied with Daffy’s newly gained athletic skill I sent her off to the showers as I noticed her hygeine was decaying slightly.

Erm what are you doing down there?

Daffy: Inspecting the track…seeing if I can see where I stood on it

In the time it took her stand up and walk to the bath the dreaded green fog appeared. Daffy should’ve been running her bath but I guess she was too preoccupied with the window…

Daffy: Are you snooping on me?

No I’m just wondering why you’re wearing jeans in the bath

Daffy: Oh they keep my legs dry

After leaving the gym I saw this delectable young fellow outside. His name is Goji Puff I believe. I instantly sent Daffy over there to attempt to woo him.

My fiendish thoughts were interrupted by the loud screams of a toddler in distress. I have no idea where it’s parents were either…

What’s going on here guys?

Wait don’t answer that…

Daffy terrifies me in the dark. One day I’m gonna find her hovering over my bed and she’ll be grinning at me and forcing me to make her a PB & J sandwich.

For once Daffy is actually talking about normal things…

Am I blessed?

OMB! Random over-protective mommy from earlier is that baby’s mom! (poor thing…)

Random over protective mommy: It won’t stop crying…why does it do this to me?!

Random over protective mommy kinda ruins that scene staring at the two of them. Goji is talking about storm clouds…future weather man perhaps?

Unfortunately during theire little weather based chat I didn’t keep track of Daffy’s bowel movements and well…

Peed herself.

Daffy: Why do my feet feel wet and warm?!

Goji: Haha you peed yourself

Thanks Goji that makes her feel a lot better…

Daffy: I’m so embaressed…

To save Daffy from any more embaressment I raced her home and chucked her into bed.

Daffy: I’m not even tired yet…


Daffy got an early morning wake-up call (which I later found out was not needed). After yelling at me she made her way towards the fridge.

Find anything good?

Daffy: *grumbles*

You haven’t even started eating yet…

Daffy: The sight of such terrible food causes my esophagus to spasm


Daffy: Choke…

Daffy sat on toilet afterwards…she’s such a lady

Daffy: I like porcelain ❤

She rolled the want to go and visit Tonks so I attempted to get her to go over there. Unfortunately, it was a no-go…

Daffy: It’s the bubble’s fault it is controlling me!

As we were killing time and Daffy’s motives were full or close to full I sent her out to the park where she said hello to everything…literally.

Daffy: Hello trees! Hello flowers! Hello fountain! Hello nature!

After saying hello to everything Daffy rolled a want to visit the art gallery. She had only just arrived when I recieved a notification about her carpool coming to collect her in a hour. That was when I noticed this sim/door hybrid.

Daffy: I don’t feel to good…

I bet you don’t…

I raced her home so she wouldn’t miss her carpool. I know what you’re thinking…why does she have such a big house? Isn’t she supposed to be stripped to the bare minimals? Well I’m not heartless so I built her a nice house and left her some money for bills.

That’s a very compromising position…

Daffy: I think I knocked out Mr. Bin yesterday so I’m making sure he’s alive

But he’s a bi-…no I’ll let her have her moment.

It was at that moment I recieved a notification that Daffy was late for work.

WTH Daffy?!

Daffy: *puffs* I do not do time…

I was just staring at my computer weirdly when this happened. You just got bored of the taxi?

She just stood there for a few minutes before she ran off.

Fair play to her though. She ran all the way there. She’s such a good runner 🙂

I was waiting for Daffy when I found a cockatoo outside. I’ve never seen a bird in my sims game before!

Finally Daff finished with very low needs. How was work Daff?

Daffy: I aced it… ’nuff said


A/N: Finally it’s done! I’m in love with ISBI’s already! I’m generally not the person who would go for ISBI’s but so far so good!

Self urination: -5 points

Total points : -5 points

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